Ozark couple appears on pro-marijuana billboard

Rance Burger, Springfield
(Photo: Valerie Mosley/News-Leader)
Marijuana cost him an arrest, legal fees and his business, but Daryl Bertrand insists it saved his life. As he and his wife attempt to rebuild and provide for their family, they want to fight for the drug they say could keep Daryl’s pain at bay.
Daryl and Patricia Bertrand can be found living in Ozark raising their two teenage children. Their faces appear on an advertisement for Show-Me Cannabis, an organization seeking for a prohibition on marijuana to be lifted in Missouri.
Daryl Bertrand suffers from degenerative disc disease and stenosis of the spine. To date, he has undergone three spinal surgeries and expects to have more. He took prescription painkillers to manage the pain from his spinal disorders but says he suffered potentially deadly side effects.
“I can’t take anything; my liver shuts down,” Bertrand said. “On the second liver failure, they finally attributed it to the narcotic, the medication.”
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