Get ready to buy legal marijuana in Seattle at high noon Tuesday

By Jake Ellison
James Lathrop poses at the counter of his soon-to-be state-licensed, I-502 retail store Cannabis City. The store is located in the SODO neighborhood of Seattle and is expected to be among the first 15 to 20 stores licensed on Monday, July 7, 2014, by the Liquor Control Board. Cannabis City will be open to sales at noon on Tuesday, July 8, 2014, though you'll want to get in line early.

The first two-gram package of legal marijuana will be sold in Seattle at noon on Tuesday, says James Lathrop, owner of Cannabis City, which is expected to be the first state-licensed store to open in Seattle.

Who will buy the first package of voter-approved marijuana? Whoever is first in line, Lathrop said. So, if that’s going to be you, you’ll need to show up a little early.

Cannabis City, located at 2733 Fourth Ave S., should be one of 15 to 20 retail outlets licensed by the Liquor Control Board on Monday. Once the store has the license, the owner can seal a deal with a grower — and 24 hours later (a holding time set by the board), stock the shelves with legal weed. That’ll be Tuesday.

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