Former Colorado Jail Might Transform Into a Massive Marijuana Grow Facility


In March, Colorado native Nicholas Erker purchased the town of Brush’s defunct Correctional Facility. Now, with more than six months of successful legal weed in Colorado’s history books, Erker wants to turn his purchase into a cultivation facility and start selling retail cannabis in Brush.

The only problem? Brush–a town with the motto “Homegrown Happiness!”–has a moratorium on marijuana businesses in place until 2016. That moratorium means no individual can legally grow cannabis or sell retail marijuana in Brush’s confines.

Fortunately, the moratorium can be revisited at any time. To plead his case and move the town’s stalled weed needle, Erker wrote a letter to the Brush City Council, politely asking them to lift the moratorium and allow him to turn the empty jail into a field of (marijuana) dreams.

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