Cannabis oil: Raided for helping their son

Cassie Batten and Rhett Wallace’s home was raided just weeks after revealing on Sunday Night they treated their severely epileptic son with cannabis oil.

The Epping Sex Offences and Child Abuse Investigation team raided the family’s Mernda home and seized all of the three-year-old’s cannabis oil tincture, which he began receiving under doctor’s supervision.

Cooper was born healthy, but contracted meningitis which left him suffering from hundreds of life-threatening seizures a day.

The family turned to the oil after Cooper did not respond to epilepsy medications and soon his seizures went from hundreds a day to two or three.

“Cooper uses his vision a lot more now than he ever has, he is more alert about his surroundings he’s not crawling yet but he’s close to it, he gets up on all fours”

“Without the cannabis oil we wouldn’t have our son today. We would be visiting him in a cemetery.”

His father says without the cannabis oil he will deteriorate quickly.

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