Happy Mondays star Paul Ryder treated son’s cancer with Cannabis


  • Chico Ryder, son of Happy Mondays star Paul, was diagnosed with a rare soft tissue cancer shortly after Christmas 2012
  • Doctors told his father – a recovering drug addict – and mother, Angela, surgery was too risky and he would need chemotherapy and radiation
  • They prescribed the 11-year-old Marinol – a synthetic form of cannabis – to ease the effects of his gruelling treatment, such as nausea and vomiting
  • His parents decided to go a step further, injecting cannabis oil into his stomach tube – with the doctors’ full support
  • Happy Mondays bassist told MailOnline: ‘My drug problems have been well documented. I nearly lost my life. But now they are being used to help Chico’
  • I found myself coaching him on how to inhale cannabis vapour,’ he said
  • Cancer Research UK is supporting clinical trials to test drug’s effectiveness

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