Illegal Medicine: The Struggle of A Southern Medical Marijuana Activist

I find it surreal, this world I live in…a world that feels like a dream of how the future is not supposed to be. Ours is a world full of people who are suffering, living with pain that could be eased by a plant… a simple, beautiful flower. But they may not be allowed to use it, depending on where they live.

Depending on where a person lives, for some the plant is celebrated and used freely, without fear of reprisal. For others, it could mean years behind bars. And I was born one of the latter places. I live in a state where most people believe marijuana, or cannabis, is bad.

In Alabama, miseducation is rampant. Willful ignorance abounds. People still fear this miraculous plant. I have been locked up just for being near it,  and there is something sickening and absurd about that, especially when that “bad” plant can stop chronic pain and ease the suffering of people just like my son.

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