Oddly, it all went wrong once this guy friended us. - STEVE TERRELL/FLICKR

There are a lot of weird people in the marijuana legalization movement. And some of them are federal agents.
That the drug reform movement has been infiltrated has been a commonly held belief among activists for years. “At least 10 percent” of the stoners, pipe-sellers and weed trimmers are law enforcement plants, East Bay activist Mickey Martin (who did five years of probation on a federal indictment after an informant dimed him out) tells us.
It’s not all paranoia. The DEA has been sued by a New York State woman who alleges that feds stole her identity in order to create a fake Facebook profile to lure in offenders. And Facebook isn’t feeling it: in court filings late last week, the social network told the government to stop — it’s a violation of Facebook’s terms of service.
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