RIP Joe Cocker: A Legend Once Thrown Out of Australia for Smoking Weed

Joe Cocker has passed away at the age of 70 after succumbing to a long battle with lung cancer. Known for his rendition of The Beatles’ “With a Little Help From My Friends” and one of the best recording artists of our time, Cocker’s legend will live on through his music.
From “Feeling Alright” to “Cry Me a River”, no voice oozed with utter emotion like Cocker’s has for the past 50 years. Cocker’s bout with lung cancer is well-documented, as the artist used to smoke “40 a day at one time.”
While Cocker quit that habit about two decades ago, the damage done by that major nicotine use was too much to overcome. Sadly, Cocker’s death can be a nostalgic reminder that smoking cannabis is a far healthier inhalation alternative to tobacco.
As we remember one of the more beautiful, heartfelt voices ever recorded, it’s worth nothing that Cocker was blazing a trail of cannabis across the world before it was fashionable to do so.
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