Missouri – City Councilwoman Faces Recall Over Anti-Marijuana Vote


A local elected official in Columbia, Missouri is facing a voter backlash after helping to defeat a proposal to decriminalize growing two marijuana plants.
On Tuesday, the city clerk certified that marijuana reform activists turned in more than enough signatures to force a recall vote on City Councilwoman Ginny Chadwick.
Chadwick, who was elected to the Council in April of 2014, had initially pledged to support decriminalizing cultivation during her campaign.
“After promising to support this specific marijuana ordinance, she won my support, and I recommended to other activists in the area that they should support her campaign,” Eapen Thampy, a Columbia voter who works with Mid-Missouri NORML, told Marijuana.com in an interview.
However, when the proposal came up in the Council in October, it was defeated 4 to 3, with Chadwick casting the deciding vote against.
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