Brad Irvin: It All Started with a Handful of Hemp Seeds

Brad Irvin: Hippie Butter
He was a world traveler and worked with well-known musical artists to engineer a cool crisp sound for their various concerts, but as amazing as this was for him, his interest was drawn away from it to pursue another endeavor and it all started out with a handful of hemp seeds. Brad Irvin, founder and CEO of Hippie Butter, is one of the mavericks who has made hemp cool, hip, and educated us about the many benefits it has for our health. He’s extremely passionate about his product and about enlightening his customers about how to implement it into their future.
What was the deciding factor for you to join this particular industry?
I’m Brad Ervin, former chef, 25-year rock ‘n’ roll sound engineer and now the CHO (Chief Hemp Officer) of Hippie Butter Hemp Seed Food Products. As I toured the world with artists like George Strait, Bette Midler, Paul McCartney, and many others, I discovered the “superfood,” hemp seeds. During a tour in Canada, I became sick and exhausted from too many long hours and too much bad food, which is so common in the entertainment industry, and I stopped for a snack at a convenience store that happened to carry hemp seeds. When I tried some, I fell in love with the nutty, crunchy taste, and started eating a handful a day. It wasn’t long before I was feeling more energized, less stressed, and had a heightened sense of well-being.
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