Please help #SaveWAMM

Greetings WAMM supporter:

As you may have read recently in the Santa Cruz Sentinel, the WAMM collective faces the potential  loss of the land where, since 1993, we’ve grown low-cost or no-cost cannabis for seriously ill patients otherwise unable to afford medicine. The loss of this land could mean the end of the collective forever, cutting hundreds of seriously ill patients off from their only supply.
And so we’ve launched a #SaveWAMM! crowdfunding campaign to raise enough money to keep WAMM on the land and growing for our members. We’ve already raised over $10,000 from more than 120 grassroots donors and we’re just getting started!

Next week, we’re launching a major media campaign to make this story go viral, and I hope I can count on your support. To get the maximum press coverage possible, we must show this campaign is going to succeed by getting even closer to our goal.

And the most effective way for us to raise funds is for you to reach out to those close to you, and help them understand how important WAMM is in your life and for the community.
The official campaign page offers a detailed 20-year history of the collective, including how WAMM  survived a DEA raid in 2002, two weeks later handed out free marijuana to terminally ill members on the steps of City Hall surrounded by thousands of supporters, and then successfully sued the federal government.
Or please consider sharing this short video with your friends and loved ones.
I’d love to hear your feedback on the crowdfunding campaign. And here’s three other ways you can help WAMM at this crucial moment:
1) Please consider making even a small a donation now, in the earliest stages of the campaign, as that will encourage others to follow your example and help get things rolling…
2) Please reach out directly to friends, family and others you know who would be inclined to support WAMM and encourage them to join you in doing so.
3) Please share the campaign on  your social media (using #SaveWAMM) and encourage others to do so. Include your own personal reason for supporting WAMM.
And if saving WAMM isn’t enough, for a generous donation you can have a garden tour and Italian feast of cannabis infused food prepared by my 92-year old mother, the now famed Marijuana Nonna (as seen on VICE, with over 1.3 million views!).
With gratitude,

Valerie Corral