Watch Texas’ First Big TV Ad for Pot Decriminalization

By David Downs

As California goes, so goes the nation — and the nation is waking up to the ravages of cannabis prohibition.
Over in the Lone Star state, a last-minute push to get weed decriminalized will includebroadcast television ads aimed at persuading voters and their representatives.
In the ad, a folksy Texas Hill Country resident, veteran cop and narcotics detective says cannabis is safer than alcohol and limited law enforcement resources should focus on crimes for which there are victims — like rape, murder, and robbery.
“I know of no instance in my entire career where someone was acting out under the influence of marijuana,” Detective Russell Jones says. “People under the influence of alcohol are much more problematic. Law enforcement officials have more important things to do with their time than arrest people for marijuana possession. They need to be there to protect the public, to respond to crimes such as robbery, burglaries, rape, and murders.”
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