Cannabis Legalization 2-Punch by Dave Seber

JACK HERER’S REVENGE (Slightly Revised)
I would like to propose that we are now in the time period of “JACK HERER’S REVENGE”. Jack (deceased author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes) was entirely correct when he said cannabis is ONE plant that can do/provide multiple products and uses at the same time. Colorado, Oregon and WA (to some extent) now have legalized industrial, medical and recreational cannabis so it is now time that we advocate the removal of cannabis from the irrational classification system it is under completely by defining cannabis legally only by it’s end use. There should be no special restriction or taxation on industrial or medical use beyond what is in place for tomatoes ( as proposed to me by Ed Rosenthal) or any common vegetables. Recreational cannabis (if it is to be regulated and/or taxed at all) should be reclassified as a class five (V). All cannabis growers should start rebreeding old and new varieties and growing for multiple use- biomass/fiber(stalk), seed (for grain and oil), leaf and flower (medicinal & recreational) that can have any percent of cannabinoids desired while being grown in both seeded and “sinsemilla” forms. This would eliminate any conflict of interest from all types of growers enabling them to use any agronomic technique they want
By the way, the idea of characterizing Industrial Cannabis by it’s THC content makes no sense whatsoever , especially now that CBD is being derived from industrial hemp on a large scale..  If we were to change things in this manner the price of recreational cannabis might fall as low as tobacco (but with an equivalent increase in overall sales size), and unless we put excessive taxation on it, it will destroy the black market for the plant totally.   ISN”T THIS WHAT WE REALLY WANT?    Free the plant from those ignorance based laws and regulations.   if you want to save humanity and have sustainable human culture on this planet GROW MORE HEMP! THAT”S WHAT JACK SAID AND HE WAS RIGHT!
If we all get behind a concept with parameters like the ones suggested above, and we  joined forces behind such a new model for cannabis,  we can end up changing the whole thing right up to and including the States, the Federal government and the UN (which has scheduled an “emergency meeting” in 2016 to reopen the Single Narcotic Treaty to modify it about it’s classification of Cannabis). D.Seber 2015

Cannabis Science Facts (Revised)

By Roger Lothamer

June 1st 2015
30 years ago on Wednesday May 27th 1985, Jack Herer published the 1st edition of “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” and began the modern. It is auspicious that the Oregon Legislative Committee for implementation of measure 91 has a meeting on the final text of the Measure’s legislation for Cannabis on this 30th year anniversary of his powerful book. It was no accident that Jack lived and died in Eugene,Oregon, he planted a seed here that will never stop growing.
Cannabis is one plant and its scientific name is “cannabis”–not “marijuana” or “pot”. Cannabis has many forms and strains: Sativa, Indica, Ruderelis, Hemp, and various forms of extracts.
Cannabis is first and foremost a food that provides more nutrition and healthy protein than any other plant. Hempseed is proven as the highest in Edestin Protein (perfect ratios of amino acids) of all plants, it has the highest-levels of anti-oxidants and all the essential amino acids, plus the highest in gammo-lineoleic and gammo-linolenic acids, all essential vitamins and minerals too are in the plant.
ECS, the EndoCannabinoidSystem, is essential to health. The ECS is a network of endocannabinoid receptors in the body. The ECS needs cannabis to enter these receptors and activate the properties of the ECS. Cannabinoids facilitate the neuro-receptors to communicate healthy information to deal with what the body needs to relieve pain or reactions from toxic environments, foods, and stress. The ECS ‘entourage’ synchronicity effect results in a complete backup of the auto- immune system, and a return to the body’s complete natural and healthy balance. The ECS can create some endocannabinoids itself too, but the Bottom Line is: the ECS has the roadmap to human-body health, and needs cannabis to do so.
The Second important thing about Cannabis is that it is environmentally necessary more than ever.
It can replace most of the fossil fuels and tree pulp paper/cardboard needs. As plastic it can be biodegradable, as well as can replace wood, steel, animal proteins, and medical resources.
Cannabis hempseed also makes great oil for bio-fuels and as well as plastics, sealants, and paints; hemp now is valued for nano-technology, 3D printing, graphene, composites, building, materials, electrical conductors and capacitors, cosmetics and skin oils, shampoos and conditioners, livestock bedding material and feed, fabrics, art and more. As an environmental resource, nothing beats Cannabis and provides more of the resources communities need.
The third most important thing about cannabis is its ability to medicinally heal disease and ailments. The cancer-fighting properties of Cannabis are the most dramatic in the plant kingdom, children with epileptic fits are dramatically healed too. Traditionally, Cannabis has medicinally been used for pains, sprains, tumors, arthritis, nausea, and a myriad of common symptoms. CBD and THC are medicinally the primary cannabinoids that give the strongest effects. CBD is non-psychoactive, THC is psychoactive only in a dried or heated process to drop its acids from the molecular structure.
THC is primarily the cause of cannabis prohibition, and now we are globally using THC more than any other controlled substance.
It should be only on final product that THC is regulated. Take off the flowers from the plant and the rest is basically hemp! Raw juicing of cannabis should be allowed without extra regulations imposed upon it, as it is the healthiest use of cannabis. Edibles made with Cannabis are important, as generally they are the best delivery system for the health and medicinal benefits.
The arbitrary value of current THC laws are based on prohibition-mentality regulations, not science. The reality is: the more cannabis that is grown, the better it is for the whole environment.
Due to prohibition propaganda of the past, we need education to get over the 75+ years of cannabis repression ASAP.
Cannabis education in schools and colleges, education for public officials, education of farmers, and use of agricultural resources in hemp farming, as well as non-hemp cannabis, is needed.
Cannabis is a potential economical goldmine for Oregon. If taxes stay low enough, it might actually eliminate the black market.
Using hemp as a green sustainable resource for our local communities is the most economical and environmentally friendly way to bring prosperity AND health to our citizens, thus legislators should support hemp implementation to be an easier and faster process for implementing of hemp industries. It is absolutely necessary to implement Industrial Hemp immediately for the sake of the environmental problems we face. This should be a major priority now, for our planet’s sake.
Cannabis prohibition caused our ECS to be compromised, and it could not keep up without enough cannabis in us, so the immune systems we have–got even more toxic with the exponentially more toxic environments and toxic foods we were exposed to; thus the resulting debacle of healing our bodies and global environment is seriously due to the result of fossil fuel codependences and the prohibitions imposed on marijuana–as all cannabis is still illegal under the 1961 Single Treaty Convention drug laws that are still existing. The UN is mandating that the global drug laws, climate change, and human rights conference in 2016 is a major decision point for all humanity and our future, as a result.
The priority is that we implement hemp for locally needed and healthy non-toxic resources, as well as good food and medicine to be available in our communities–it really is time to realize that the reality is upon us now AND we have to decisively choose to change how we deal with energy and fuels, for the sakes of Humanity’s children…before we have no choice. At this time on Earth, if we are not addressing climate change, we will become extinct. Anyone not relating to the implementation of Cannabis/Hemp is creating total toxic suicide. Any politicians not supporting Cannabis/Hemp legalization and implementation, should be fired immediately and never given a political position again. There is no more time for stalling.   The scientific facts tell the truth. “Sin taxes” and Opinions against any cannabis implementation, are no longer acceptable, and we are not bound by any laws that say otherwise. We recognize Cannabis as a major, healthy, sustainable, natural resource on the planet, and we choose to use it instead of fossil fuels that are killing us. Citizens have lost trust in our prohibition laws, because they are punishing and hampering the cannabis/hemp industry that will help clean up the carbon problem, heal our bodies, and ensure a future on Earth for all people now, and for all beings to come, to have a healthy planet with energy systems based on Natural Law.
‘nuff said…
Roger Lothamer and Don Harbick for Capitol Seed and Eugene Industrial Hemp,
and Dave Seber of HempShield