Senator: U.S. Ban On Hemp Makes About As Much Sense As ‘A Ban On Portobello Mushrooms’

Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) on Thursday called for ending the federal ban on hemp production in recognition of Hemp History Week.
“In my view, keeping the ban on growing hemp makes about as much sense as instituting a ban on portobello mushrooms,” Wyden, who introduced a hemp legalization bill earlier this year, said on the Senate floor. “There’s no reason to outlaw a product that’s perfectly safe because of what it’s related to.”
Wyden showed senators a basket filled with products made in Oregon using industrial hemp, including protein powder derived from hemp seeds, hemp butter, hemp-based skin care products, and wood deck finish. Because of the U.S. hemp ban, raw material for those products has to be imported from countries that allow hemp cultivation.
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