Canada Supreme Court Rules Medical Marijuana Legal in All Forms

By Thomas H. Clarke |  The Daily Chronic
Medical marijuana patients in Canada will now be able to lawfully consume cannabis in all forms, instead of just being allowed to smoke it, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled on Thursday in a unanimous ruling.
Thursday’s ruling against the Canadian government expands the definition of medical marijuana beyond the dried form to include all derivatives, including oils, edibles and tinctures.
Because of the ruling, Sections 4 and 5 of the Controlled Drug and Substances Act, which prohibits possession and trafficking of non-dried forms of cannabis, will no longer be in effect, having been declared “null and void” by the Supreme Court.
According to Thursday’s ruling, the country’s highest court found that the current laws restricting medical marijuana to only dried flowers violates citizens’ rights to liberty “in a manner that is arbitrary and hence is not in accord with the principles of fundamental justice.”
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