Lencho: A Tale Of Decent Vagabonds

by L L Kellerman (Author)

As more and more states legalize marijuana for medical and recreational use, and with the current administration no longer willing to take orders from the likes of the DEA, it’s becoming clear the public no longer buys into the concept of ‘demon weed’ and reefer madness’ perpetrated on us since at least the 1930s and the days of the ‘Marihuana Tax Act’ (mis-spelled by Congress). We should not however forget the way it used to be if anybody wanted to smoke a joint. You had to go to your local weed dealer and the weed dealer had to go to the ‘weed man’ for his product. As with any product, there was a chain of command and in the not so distant past that wasn’t the fearful and violent Mexican Cartels that now spill across American borders. Herein find ‘Lencho’ – a true weed man, smuggler, grower, adventurer and dare devil. For the moment let us call this book a ‘biographical novel’. The narcs may call it ‘nonsense’ but then they have much to hide. Lencho is a marijuana pioneer of almost 50 years and a man who has given all for a noble cause.