Kicking back at the most weed-friendly B&B on the planet

By , The Cannabist Staff
It's breakfast time at the Bud+Breakfast in Silverthorne, Colorado. (Bud+Breakfast)
It’s breakfast time at the Bud+Breakfast in Silverthorne. (Bud+Breakfast)
Upstairs at the Bud+Breakfast, the hosts had laid out a fine buffet. Half-eaten store-bought pizzas sat on the stove and the kitchen counter, along with a barely-touched tray of crudité. More importantly, the offerings included five different strains of marijuana, as well as an array of clean pipes and mini-bongs that would make any collector jealous.
It was 4:20 p.m. Happy hour had arrived.
A sliding glass door opened to a long porch and a tremendous view of the peaks surrounding Silverthorne, Colorado. It was a perfect place to hork a fatty, puff a vape pen or eat a THC-infused peach candy ring.
But first, I had to sign a waiver. It read, “I understand and agree that marijuana products are permitted on premises. I further agree that complimentary marijuana products may be available from time to time. By accepting this waiver, I hereby acknowledge that my participation in the consumption of marijuana, both marijuana offered complimentary or supplied from legal outside sources, is at my own risk …”
I’d always wondered what the Brave New World would look like.
Now I knew.
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