Prominent Medical Marijuana Defense Attorney, William McPike’s Home Gets Raided by Sheriff’s Department

Friday morning at 9 AM, September 18th, 2015, prominent medical marijuana defense attorney, William McPike, opened the door of his residence to find a dozen uniformed Madera Deputy sheriffs with Sgt Larry Rich brandishing a search warrant, who had just gotten out of a white unmarked vehicle and demanding access to McPike’s home.
According to Mr. McPike who was present at the time when Sgt Larry Rich, with no warrant, unchained the gate earlier in the week and drove his in unmarked car onto the property to conduct what he described as a compliance check on the private collective garden, according to McPike.
According to McPike, he provided his California state ID card and California Department of Health medical marijuana card and corresponding paperwork acknowledging his status and the other collective members as medical marijuana patients and membership in a private collective.
The main member is an amputee and a Director of a Veteran’s non-profit charity involving service dogs. She has a doctor’s recommendation, which has an allowance of cultivation of up to 500 plants.
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