Pot Stores: Washington State Says Cities Can Have As Many As They Want

Cannabis City opened on July 9. At the time it was the only store able to open — others faced obstacles including distance between them and schools.

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board is accepting a second wave of applications for new marijuana retail licenses.
Gone are the quotas and lotteries used in the first round of licensing. Now there are no limits on the number of licenses that may be granted – a change that took some cities by surprise.
When Initiative 502, the measure to legalize pot, was implemented, state regulators set limits on how many pot stores a city or county could have. Seattle, for example, received 21 of these so-called “golden tickets.”
But when state legislators opened the licensing process to medical marijuana businesses last spring, they eliminated quotas. Instead they want to bring “gray market” medical marijuana into the state-regulated system.
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