Grass Fed: Documentary tracks comic’s slim-down courtesy medical marijuana

Montreal filmmaker Ezra Soiferman could have considered calling his latest documentary Mission Impossible. The task at hand was daunting: Soiferman sought to chronicle wild-man Montrealer Mike Paterson’s efforts to get in shape before his wedding.
Paterson, a gonzo wit/wrestler/actor/pitchman, merely wanted to lose 50 pounds in four months before taking the marital tumble to his beloved Monika Schmidt in Mexico. He also wanted to rid himself of his debilitating sciatica condition.
No small task, since Paterson had spent much of his adult and late-adolescent life knocking back brewskis as well as getting knocked around in wrestling rings. But Paterson also feared a premature demise like his comedy heroes Chris Farley and John Belushi.
So Soiferman had a plan and it involved pot, and Paterson was all ears – still in tact in spite of a lot of tugging on them in the ring.
Having done his homework, Soiferman deduced that Paterson could both overcome his sciatica and lose weight by obtaining a legal medical marijuana prescription.
One hitch: Paterson was averse to smoking, so he embarked on a (legal) hemp-infused diet as well as cannabis edibles to munch on. A vegetarian in spite of his heft, Paterson had little difficulty adapting to his new diet. More problematic would be an exercise regime, and so he also hit the gym – literally.
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