Something is happening in the hemp space… something big

Chris Parry, Logo
And I think I know who’s going to benefit.
For years, those in the hemp world have been saying ‘any day now’ and pointing to big stockpiles of industrial hemp that they swore was going to be plastics, paper, clothing, homes, bridges, space shuttles…
Of course, that promise has, to this point, been somewhat unfulfilled. In fact, Canadian hemp fields that had in previous years been contracted to health food companies like Manitoba Harvest are, this year, unsigned.
Which isn’t to say people don’t want hemp products. They really do. It’s just that corporations aren’t pressed into developing them by a surging market desire they can’t resist. You’ll struggle to find hemp 2x4s at Home Depot. You don’t see a lot of hemp jackets at Aritizia. Where you have found it, to this point, is at the supermarket, and in restaurants, where the promise of hemp and its nutritional benefits is being largely fulfilled.
Edible hemp products, mainly hemp seed or as some call them, hemp hearts, are rich in protein, omegas and fibre and are found in just about every grocery store now. Hemp protein is finding its way into the sport market and hemp oil is seeing a variety of uses. In fact, when I owned a restaurant a few years back, they were a popular addition to seemingly every salad we sold, even at a ridiculous mark up. There’s some in my kitchen pantry right now – and more in the office kitchen at Stockhouse.
Hemp protein is not just good for you…it’s great for you. It has the most digestible protein of any plant on earth.
And, it turns out, Korea just got the memo. Stay with me here because I’m building to something.
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