State-licensed medical marijuana dispensary offers help for man with brain injury

Emerald Palace is a state-licensed medical marijuana dispensary in Gilbert, providing patients with medical marijuana since August 2013.
In the segment, former anti-drug crusader and US Attorney, Mel McDonald, who was appointed by President Ronald Reagan, talks about his professional background and his experience as it relates to Arizona’s medical marijuana program.  As he explains, Mel McDonald’s son was in an accident in 1997 that left him with a serious brain injury and a severe form of epilepsy.  Through many challenging days of treatment, Mel, and his wife Cindy McDonald, found help in the use of medical marijuana for their son, Bennett.  Medical marijuana made it possible for him to fight the nausea of the anti-seizure medications, and helped him eat.  As a result, Mel McDonald has become an advocate for medical marijuana and he continues to address the challenges currently facing the program throughout the state, and especially where he lives in Gilbert.  One of those challenges is the limited business hours required by the city for dispensaries operating in Gilbert.
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