This car is made out of cannabis hemp

This sports convertible brings new meaning to “high-performance” vehicle.
Made from the chassis of a Mazda, the car is made from cannabis hemp – and is touted as possibly leading the charge in making carbon-neutral vehicles, Barcroft Media reported.
Bruce Michael Dietzen from Florida, the mastermind behind the “green machine,” hopes his environmentally friendly car will weed out the taboo behind the cannabis plant.
“Cannabis hemp is still considered a dangerous drug according to the government. It’s considered as dangerous as heroin or cocaine – it’s insane!” he said. “This green machine is made from three plies of woven hemp, making it lighter than cars made from fiberglass.”
And with a body at least 10 times more dent-resistant than steel, the car wouldn’t need as much of a fix after an accident.
“The body of the car uses about 100 pounds of woven hemp,” he noted.
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