Skoochies: The new cannabis drink Nigerian celebs are drinking

Adedayo Showemimo
Cannabis tea
If you’ve never heard the word ‘Skoochies‘ and you claim to be ‘street’, then your street credentials needs to be re-evaluated and this story is NOT for you!

In simple terms, ‘Skoochies’ is a ‘street cocktail’ made from cannabis/weed leaves. The leaves are boiled, the shaft is sieved and the water (tea) is mixed with different solvents like alcohol, milk, sugary drinks and more.
Its popularity on the streets and among Nigerian celebrities is rapidly growing and the fact that it has health benefits as well as its sexual enhancement prowess has made it an increasing replacement for other street drinks like alomo, ogidiga, jedi-drinks and others that reigned supreme in time past.
We researched the drink further and we stumbled on an article written by article byRyan Hurd on, where he states, ‘cannabis tea does have health benefits; some of which are predictable, and others that are not. Like smoking marijuana, drinking the tea may relieve anxiety while reducing nausea and chronic pain. Unlike smoking marijuana, the tea is not inhaled through the lungs and thus does not contain the risk of developing long-term lung problems, like emphysema. Surprisingly, cannabis tea may help treat autoimmune diseases‘.
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