How Medical Cannabis Changed My Life

By Ali Cedar
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(Photo: Flickr user Martin Alonso)
Medical cannabis is slowly becoming part of the mainstream discussion in the UK. The NHS is trialling a cannabis vape pen, you can now buy medical oils with a high CBD content (the chemical in weed that helps mitigate the symptoms of lots of nasty ailments) and just last week a parliamentary report recommended that doctors should be able to prescribe medical cannabis to treat around 60 specific conditions.
The US and much of Europe led the way in legalising medical cannabis, and it’s looking more and more like the UK is going to finally catch up at some point in the not too distance future. Of course, the fact that weed is currently illegal hasn’t stopped many people from using it – it just makes it harder for them to access.
Ahead of a UK-focused episode of our cannabis TV show Weediquette appearing on VICELAND UK, we spoke to six self-medicating patients from around the UK to find out how cannabis has dramatically changed their lives.
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