Chinese Tourists, Businesspeople Load up on Pot During Trips to North Korea

The Rason Special Economic Zone in North Korea's North Hamgyong province is shown in an undated photo from an investment brochure.

Photo courtesy of Yonhap News
Chinese who visit North Korea on sightseeing or business trips are purchasing marijuana in large quantities in the Rason Special Economic Zone and selling it for a tidy profit back home where it is illegal, sources inside North Korea said.
Because marijuana cultivation is legal in North Korea, selling yeoksam, as it is called in the isolated country, has become an easy way to earn money, they said.
“People in Rason buy the large quantities of buds of yeoksam from residents and pay 30 yuan (U.S. $4.30) per kilogram (2.2 lbs.), and then sell them for 500 yuan (U.S. $72) per kilogram to Chinese people,” a source from North Hamgyong province told RFA’s Korean Service.

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