Lacey Darrow
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When Katie Donahue was about 8 years old she started noticing that something was wrong.
The left side of her face wasn’t growing the same way the right side was.
“W went to a couple of doctors and things like that but no one knew what it was,” said Donahue.
Tired of being relentlessly bullied in school, and desperate for answers, at 18 Donahue went to Shrines Hospital in Chicago and was diagnosed with an extremely rare disorder called Parry-Romberg Disease.
“That is characterized by a slow progression or wasting away of 1/2 of the head,” said Donahue.
While answers were a relief, the pain from the disease soon took over.
“It’s excruciatingly painful all the time continuously no matter what is happening there is pain,” said Donahue.
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