Cannabis goes mainstream in Reno

by Brian Bahouth

Moana Nursery has been an anchor business on Moana Lane in Reno since 1967.  Experts at 3 Reno area stores provide deep, regional cultivation knowledge, and customers can select from a wide range of decorative and edible plants suited for northern Nevada’s high desert environment, bird feeders … wind chimes … lawn art, and before this week the nursery’s Saturday seminar series had titles like “The Art and Science of Woody Plant Pruning for Beginner to Seasoned Gardeners,” or “Desert Tortoise Adoption and Basic Care,” but this week the company’s iconic sign announced a seminar titled, “Cannabis Q&A.”
Lisa Braginton is a certified nursery professional and a Plant Doctor at Moana Nursery.
“There was a lot of conversation internally when legal marijuana passed last November,” Braginton said.  “We were trying to decide the best ways to go about getting some knowledge for ourselves and being able to offer some knowledge out into the community about this rather broad subject of marijuana growing, use, legislation, potential impacts to employers, concerns in the community, so we knew we couldn’t cover each and every one of those topics individually, so we thought we’d begin with some opening statements and facts, and then an open forum with questions and answers.”
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