Tiny house builder branches out his hemp-crete business

By: Olivia Bako

Dion Lefebvre poses in front of his hempcrete home which he completed last summer. Hempcrete is a concrete-like block made of hemp and lime mix.
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An area man behind a tiny house built out of hemp is seeing his idea grow.
Since completing a 350-square-foot home south of Westlock last year using hempcrete — concrete-like blocks made from a mixture of hemp and lime — Dion Lefebvre’s prototype house has gotten traction in B.C. where builders are working with him on creating a tiny hempcrete house in Bowen Island.
“It’s been designed and built following my prototype and it’s going to have CSA (Canadian Standards Association) approval so it’ll be available to the general public,” he said. “That’s actually going to be built with the first precast panel in North America.”

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