How Cannabis Helped Shape the United States of America

By MassCentral
Hemp America
In America, cannabis is only just starting to get recognized as a plant that can heal. However, America was built on cannabis, or hemp, and even in the black market, cannabis managed to do a lot of good. Here are just a few ways that cannabis helped to shape America.
Today when we think of hemp, we probably think of necklaces and clothing worn by hippies and cannabis enthusiasts. However, hemp is so much more. It was one of the major cash crops in early America, along with other items like peanuts and cotton. In fact, it wasn’t until the Reefer Madness scare, that hemp was no longer considered as a valuable commodity. Now that cannabis is getting decriminalized, hemp is coming back and showing all it’s great potential.
In fact, hemp was used to make a lot of essential items in olden times, such as the paper (the Declaration of Independence and Constitution are written on hemp), rope, clothing and food. At the time, hemp just made sense as one of the best crops to cultivate. It wasn’t until cannabis became demonized that people decided it was taboo to use hemp for fiber.
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