These candies represent each pill this veteran takes each year. He’d prefer cannabis.

Joshua Lee, a disabled Missouri veteran, found viral fame last week when he posted a photo of 9,828 Smarties representing the pills he takes every year for his medical problems. Courtesy Joshua Lee

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You don’t have to guess how many Smarties candies Joshua Lee stuffed into the plastic bag he holds in a photo that has gone viral.
He’ll tell you the number: 9,828.
They weigh just shy of 10 pounds. On most days it hurts for him to lift that much weight.
The disabled Missouri National Guard veteran went to two bulk candy stores in Jefferson City and Columbia to round up all those sugary pellets. When the stores didn’t have enough in bulk he bought wrapped ones.
He and his wife, Julia, unwrapped piles of the tiny rolls.
Lee, who is 33, posted his photo online last week, where it was met with shock and awe: Those candies represent the number of medications he takes on an annual basis.
“My medication schedule is a handful in the morning, six or eight at noon and another handful in the evening,” said Lee, who lives with his wife and two sons in Holts Summit.
The photo is the first salvo in Lee’s new mission: He’s become a foot soldier in the grassroots crusade to get medical marijuana legalized in Missouri.
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