Four Canadian women explain how cannabis made their periods better

neon uterus
According to a 2016 study by the health app Clue, in partnership with the International Women’s Health Coalition, only 34 per cent of Canadian women feel comfortable talking about periods. This might explain why so many of us remain oddly discreet about menstruation, quickly tucking a bullet-shaped bit of rayon or cotton into our pocket and making a mad dash for the washroom in secret.
But it’s not just general period talk we’re struggling with; it’s the sharing of valuable and sometimes life-changing information we fail to discuss with our lady friends. Case in point: marijuana to ease period cramps and other symptoms.
While much of the data on menstrual pain and marijuana is anecdotal—there is scientific evidence that proves the plant reduces pain in general, but not specific to women’s reproductive issues—many are finding it helpful for periods. But we’re just not talking about it as loud and proud as we should be, for whatever reason (stigma, embarrassment, feeling shy—take your pick).
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