Amarillo family wants medical cannabis for son with Crohn’s disease

by Kendra Hall

At 13 years old, Andrew Hayes weighs just 70 lbs. His mother says he has good and bad days, but his chronic illness has not improved overall.
Andrew was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease about four years ago. He has missed three years of school and his mother says he has also missed out on having a normal 13-year-old life.
“Crohn’s disease is an irritable bowel disease that attacks the immune system and the symptoms include severe diarrhea, extreme fatigue, weight loss,” said Holly Hayes, Andrew’s mother.
Holly says the symptoms of Crohn’s diseas go on. In the last four years, Andrew has taken different pills and prescription medicines that give him side affects that make his illness worse.
Holly says it is a financial burden as well. She lost her job caring for him as a single mother.
“About three years ago I decided to start researching the benefits of medical marijuana and for Crohn’s disease, there are numerous benefits,” said Holly.
She believes medicinal cannabis would help her son, but it is not legal in Texas.
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