MARK PEDERSEN – My Life As a Colorado Cannabis Caregiver

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I am a medical Cannabis refugee from Missouri.  Based in Colorado, I provide education to patients and caregivers.
As an educator, I have spent the last ten years traveling this nation, interviewing patients who have used Cannabis to effectively treat their chronic or terminal illness.  I have also been a Cannabis patient for the last 20 years.  I require Cannabis to function.  To live.
I began making Cannabis oil, primarily so that I could teach others how to do so.  I knew all too well that Cannabis was medicine, not just in the amazing way it has helped me, but in so many others that I have met.
Prior to my present odyssey, I followed a Missouri man with terminal melanoma for three years, Brian Chitwood. I photographed Cannabis oil applied topically, killing the tumors. My interviews with him are available from my YouTube channel,
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