High-tech hemp homes: Australia’s 3D-printed green building revolution

Isabelle Lane

A Dutch town will host the world’s first liveable 3D-homes, with residents set to move in next year. Photo: Project Milestone
From 3D-printed buildings to hemp-panelled homes, a hi-tech green building revolution is under way across the globe.
An Australian company has revealed plans to roll out 3D-printed hemp homes, thanks to pioneering technology that could transform residential and commercial building.
Positioning itself at the forefront of Australia’s growing hemp industry, Perth-based bio-technology company Mirreco is pursuing a vision of a world where “the dire consequences of global-warming have been averted because we have seized the opportunity to act now”.
Mirreco has developed innovative, carbon-neutral hemp panels for residential and commercial building, which it says can be 3D-printed into floors, walls, and roofs.
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