Jack Herer Harvest Ale Released by SweetWater Brewing

Steve Bloom

Photo of Jack Herer courtesy of Malcolm MacKinnon
The Emperor Wear No Clothes author Jack Herer has long had a cannabis strain named for him created by Sensi Seeds and now SweetWater Brewing Company in Atlanta has created Jack Herer Harvest Ale as a tribute to the indefatigable hemp activist.
SweetWater tells CelebStoner:

“SweetWater’s Jack Herer Harvest Ale is our version of a Hoppy Red IPA, brewed in collaboration with the estate of Jack Herer, mainly his son Dan Herer who carries his legacy with his Original Jack Herer brand. Jack Herer, and now Dan, are famous cannabis rights activists dating back to the ’70s.
“The SweetWater Jack Herer Harvest Ale features their (non-cannabis derived) terpenes that emulate their actual strain, combined with our proprietary blend of hops, all natural hemp flavors to deliver an authentic nod to the original ‘Emperor of Hemp‘ himself. While there aren’t any ingredients derived from actual hemp or cannabis, just like our G13 IPA and Mango Kush Wheat Ale, the concept of our Strain brews is to emulate profiles of popular strains. For this one, the strain name and the beer’s namesake is Jack Herer.”

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