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Team pitching hemp crop row covers to replace plastic wins Ag Springboard

Lisa Duchene Competitors and judges react to the announcement of the winning teams in the College of Agricultural Sciences’ 2021 Ag Springboard business pitch contest. A pair of recent graduates planning to manufacture and sell crop row covers made of hemp fiber won the top prize of $7,500 to support their venture.  IMAGE: COLLEGE OF […]

Hemp Used for DIY Tiny Home

By Tim Nelson The Traveler is a DIY prefab cabin kit that focuses on ushering hemp-based construction into the mainstream.All images are courtesy of Coexist Build   Since last March, changes to how we live and work have forced many of us to squeeze an increasing number of tasks into the same square footage. While looking […]

Genevieve’s Carousel Challenge & Jack Herer Foundation Go Golfing

Dan Herer, son of legend Jack, has pledged his support for Genevieve’s Dream (Credit: Skunk Mag)   Combining both the history of hemp and the future of it at one time was the name of the game as the founder of the Jack Herer Foundation – his son Dan – gave his commitment to Genevieve’s Carousel Challenge […]

Hempcrete: Alberta company uses hemp to build tiny homes

Christina Goodvin uses fibrous geothermal hempcrete blocks to insulate her tiny homes. (Submitted by Christina Goodvin – image credit)   An Alberta-based company is capitalizing on a budding hemp industry by turning the versatile plant into a main ingredient in the construction of tiny homes. Christina Goodvin, owner of tiny homes and greenhouse design firm […]

Farmers Encouraged To Look To Hemp To Improve Sustainable Farming Practices

New Zealand Hemp Industries Association Inc “Hemp can be grown almost anywhere in any climate – from the deep south to the far north. It is an incredibly strong, fast-growing crop with so much potential. Not only is it naturally resistant to pests and weeds, it’s carbon negative and absorbs approximately four times more carbon […]

UMCG to look into anti-cancer properties of cannabis oil following successful treatment

University Medical Center Groningen – Netherlands   “According to the UMCG, the experiences of two patients have prompted the study. Both patients had advanced liver cancer and started using cannabis oil. Now, 2 and 5 years after their diagnosis, respectively, the tumors have completely disappeared.” Full Article: https://northerntimes.nl/umcg-to-look-into-anti-cancer-properties-of-cannabis-oil-following-successful-treatment/?fbclid=IwAR0wWt8qKycGtJsXjTOamEr6mRzXyTa2R3xpZab37vglcFivEr6DShpAE3k  

The Secret Ingredient in Paris’ Green Public Housing: Hemp

COLIN KINNIBURGH | GRIST (Illustration by Amelia Bates/Grist)   Winter in Paris is notoriously clammy, and this winter was no exception. But Gregory Ferembach didn’t need to turn on his heat much. One reason? The walls in his public housing building are lined with one of nature’s best insulation materials: hemp. “We’re never cold in […]

Buckle Up! Hemp Sports Car Drives Toward Sustainable Future

By Heather Collins   When hemp advocate Bruce Dietzen is cruising down the street in his hemp-based sports car, people think it’s just another vehicle trying to make a statement. And what a statement it is, especially when Bruce shares his story and reasons for wanting a more sustainably made and carbon neutral automobile on […]

Triathlete uses prosthetic made from hemp at Kansas company

Chad Frey The Kansan Marc Dunshee shattered his left leg riding a dirt bike, an injury he was never able to fully recover from. He spent 10 years in pain, in and out of doctors’ offices, before he took what some would call a drastic action to end that pain. He asked doctors to cut off […]