Rick Simpson has helped so many people. Now he needs help!

Dear Friends, We have some important news to share. Many of you have been wondering why Rick Simpson hasn’t been present in the public arena for the past few years. We have decided to inform the public that, in May 2018, Rick suffered a stroke and has since been in the process of recovery. Being […]

Jack Herer Harvest Ale Released by SweetWater Brewing

Steve Bloom Photo of Jack Herer courtesy of Malcolm MacKinnon   The Emperor Wear No Clothes author Jack Herer has long had a cannabis strain named for him created by Sensi Seeds and now SweetWater Brewing Company in Atlanta has created Jack Herer Harvest Ale as a tribute to the indefatigable hemp activist. SweetWater tells CelebStoner: “SweetWater’s Jack Herer Harvest Ale is our […]

Scientists find cannabis extract can help save bees from pesticide poisoning

NICK WESTERBY A team from Lublin’s Maria Curie-Sklodowska University, led by Professor Aneta Ptaszyńska (pictured), are the first in the world to test the longevity of bees who have been exposed to pesticides after receiving hemp extract.Uniwersytet Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej   Scientists have discovered that hemp extract can help bees survive poisoning by pesticides. The team […]

Former GM plant tapped for hemp decortication in Texas

Hemp Industry Daily   A Dallas company that specializes in developing large-scale industrial projects has chosen the Texas town of Wichita Falls for a new hemp decortication facility. The U.S. has few decortication facilities. Panda Biotech claims the plant they’re building will be the largest hemp-fiber decortication facility in the U.S.Panda Biotech said Tuesday it has […]

GreenPee installs hemp urinals in Amsterdam to stop “wild peeing”

Cajsa Carlson   Dutch company GreenPee has installed eight hemp-filled sustainable urinals in Amsterdam to combat an increase in people urinating in the streets after the coronavirus lockdown ended. Amsterdam council rushed to install the public urinals in the city centre as tourists returned and pubs reopened. Users urinate into the openings on the sides of the GreenPee planters, which have an internal tank […]

Profile: Jack Herer, ‘The Hemperor’

by Cara Wietstock   While browsing dispensary shelves, it’s not uncommon to come across the name Jack Herer. The clear-headed, focused, pine-scented cannabis strain is named after the beloved activist, writer, and father — “The Hemperor” himself.   Full Article: https://www.ganjapreneur.com/profile-jack-herer-the-hemperor/?fbclid=IwAR1D9CKA6KpErnWMr16DAfDcXwMIJA7xV7pdf6k9I3cj5_WIOjRzA01ED2o

A Company Is Sending Cannabis and Coffee to Space to See if They Mutate

By Troy Farah IMAGE: GETTY IMAGES/ NASA Astronauts have taken medication to space since the early days of off-planet exploration—but next spring, a Colorado company plans to be the first to send plant cultures of coffee and hemp, a variety of marijuana, to the International Space Station (ISS). The mission will test if zero gravity will mutate or genetically […]

Benefits of Hemp Clothing

Kimberly Dunn   Thanks to fashion designers like Korto Momolu, hemp clothing is having a long-overdue revival. The project runway star showcased her latest line at New York Fashion Week in September this year with hemp clothing taking centre stage. Korto is following in the footsteps of legendary American clothing company Levi Strauss who released a new […]