Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine

Laurel A. Beechey
The World is a Stage
In studying history it often become apparent that the ancients knew more than we can ever comprehend. We have gotten so wrapped up in technologies and synthetics that we have forsaken many truths which need to be returned to our modern world. A wise man from the past can still teach us today, “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates [between 460 and 377 BC]:
There are more allergies, syndromes, and physical, mental and emotions problems today than any other time. We may be blessed with being able to purchase our favourite foods all year round but at what cost? Fruits and vegetables, picked un-ripened to transport then gassed to ripen; hormones and antibiotics in our meat; pesticides and other chemicals that provide easier workloads for the farmers and give us the perfect looking product. Yet with all the food available to us so much of it no longer provides the essential vitamins, minerals and sustenance that it once did. Is it any wonder that it is difficult to find a family where everyone is in good health?
Too many people don’t eat well in the first place but even those of us who do, know we need something more. So some people have found various vitamin supplements help and others try Himalayan Goji Juice or Wheatgrass Barleygrass Juice or Tahitian Noni Juice or other drink or solid helps pump up their bodies and energy. But these don’t often show a great improvement to the people already eating well.
Recently my 85 year old Mom, who has several heart conditions, was found scraping and painting her front and back stairs and large living room window. She hadn’t done that much work in several years. Since her heart problems there have been many trips to the hospital which the nitroglycerine patch finally stopped but her energy level was nil it was very frustrating for her not to be able to work her garden or keep up small things around the house. When she suddenly had more energy that I did, I had to know why.
Turns out that her niece has been taking Hemp Hearts for quite a while and this innocuous heart of the hemp seed seem to have miraculous properties in her household, so Mom gave it a try too with obvious results and I noticed and decided I had to have some of that for myself!
No matter how good or bad we still need our food to keep our motors running. So it then comes down to making sure the motor is running smoothly and cleaning. It turns our that our bowel behaves much like a sewage system, collecting sludge and such over the years which accumulates on the interior bowel wall and does not allow the nutrients in our foods access to the wall where it can pass through. So no matter what you eat or take the goodness is being blocked. Hemp hearts remove this sludge allowing the foods we eat and drink to quickly absorb. Before getting any for myself I took the time to learn about them on the internet. Although I did not appreciate some of their over the top ways of loosing weight I could see why they would benefit most people.
Another problem many people have is that they are genuinely hungry. That is because they are not eating the foods which stave off hunger. You could have bacon, eggs, hash browns, toast, pancakes, syrup and six cups of coffee and still be hungry in a couple of hours. Protein staves off hunger and hemp hearts are very high in protein. It also high in ‘good’ oil, the beneficial kind of essential fats – polyunsaturated Omega 3 and 6.
Okay, there has to be something wrong with them, right? Well not that I could find. They are cholesterol free and said to reduce cholesterol; no gluten and in fact there are no known allergies to Hemp Foods and no THC, the active chemical that is in marijuana. Industrial hemp is grown for both food and fiber. Sorry, you don’t get a buzz on taking hemp hearts.
Hemp has been used almost since the dawn of man, about 7,000 years in fact, for woven fabrics and ships sails. The Latin name for the hemp plant, cannabis sativa, means ‘most perfect food’, and humans have also been using hemp seeds for health and energy for millennium. In Russian history their use of it as a food source staved off many bouts of starvations during wars. In more modern time meticulous records were kept when Czechoslovakian doctors, who had no modern drugs available, dissolved the ‘hearts’ of hemp seeds to cure tuberculosis with amazing results to not only cure but prevent the disease.
One thing our modern technology found, however, is a better way of separating the hearts from the shells so more can be produced and at better costs.
I have been taking them for over a month and although there has been no miracle cure for my Fibromyalgia, TMJ syndrome, degenerative discs and assorted other ills, my arthritis pain has subsided, I have tons of energy and I feel good. In fact it has been some years since I have felt this good.
If you are interested, learn more about hemp hearts and decide how they can help you. Most people are not going appreciate the ‘diet’ plan they talk about but that is only one small aspect of their use. I use mine as a cereal in the morning while others sprinkle some on their cereal.
Hemp Hearts can be purchased in Tillsonburg at health food stores and Coyle’s. They are also available over the internet. One helpful website I have used www.healing-source.com.