Lafe's Natural and Organic Deodorant Makes for Sweet Sweat

It’s rare to find a natural, organic, toxin free deodorant that works. I discovered Lafe’s deodorant at my local Bikram yoga studio locker room and it withstood the sweat test. I have looked for this every time I go out for my organic toiletries and I was recently informed that this amazing deodorant is available at most natural food stores, organic beauty shops and online.
Lafe’s Natural Bodycare team explains that their “deodorants were created to address consumer concerns that natural deodorants are only marginally effective. Since we started our deodorant line in 1992, we have been creating formulations using active ingredients with proven antibacterial properties. With consumer friendly ingredients such as natural mineral salts, baking soda, hemp oil, and essential oils…”
The Lafe team is able to create healthy, organic deodorants that are highly effective in eliminating body odor. Their line of deodorants are made with mineral salts, similar to those found in the earth’s crust. Mineral salts eliminate bacteria that cause body odor. Most of the standard antiperspirants plug up the pores of the skin, which is an unhealthy process.
Perspiration (good clean sweat) is a healthy process allowing toxins to be released from the body to keep it healthy.
Lafe’s natural deodorants are not antiperspirants being that perspiration is a healthy and natural process for the body Lafe deodorants are formulated to eliminate the bacterial cause of body odor.
As we move into the heart of this season and the heat has us sweating, it is great to find natural and organic products that withstand the test of summer sweat.
Pictured above is Lafe’s natural mineral spray, which is a truly unique blend of mineral salts with aloe vera that provide 24-hour natural deodorant protection. More remarkable benefits of this amazing Lafe’s organic deodorant include:
* skin nourishing mineral salts eliminate odor-causing bacteria
* healing aloe vera soothes, heals and softens the skin
* no aluminum chlorhydrate; no alcohol
* a non-staining and non-irritating formula
* no white residue
* a fragrance-free and hypoallergenic formulation
* an ozone friendly product with no harmful propellants
* no animal testing
* a paraben and proplyene glycol free blend