Book Says Pot Laws Are Unconstitutional; Soon Available Online

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Photo: Shady House Publishing Company

​It doesn’t take a psychic to know that marijuana legalization is on the way. A new book showing that it never should have been outlawed in the first place will be soon be available online, according to its publisher.

Author Hoam Rogh‘s new twist on his cult classic marijuana novel, Satan’s Smoke, retitled The Case of U.S. v. Yerbas, shows the history and constitutional implications of cannabis law, exposing marijuana prohibition as unconstitutional.
“One chapter will be published online each week, along with commentary on the facts, the histories and the artistic liberties we took in making the book,” Rogh said.
The Case of U.S. v. Yerbas features a trial in federal court that invalidates cannabis prohibition. The story has already been read from coast to coast, and the print edition will soon be available in bookstores nationwide.
“To provide some fuel to our fire, we’re going to be giving readers a taste of what they could be reading,” Rogh said. “With over 30 chapters, you could just kill the whole thing in an afternoon by getting your own copy.”

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Photo: Hoam Rogh
Author Hoam Rogh: “Cannabis law is nbot honest. It’s lies for no good reason and people suffer and die.”
​”The only reason cannabis has been outlawed this long is that people don’t know its true story,” said Rogh, who printed an earlier version of the book as Satan’s Smoke a few months ago, but decided to take a different direction once a major distributor came along.
“He wrote a great book but the presentation chilled many potential readers,” said James Liam, CEO of Shady House Publishing Company, the novel’s publisher. To reach as many people as possible, the publisher retired the cover parody of the “Assassins of Youth” propaganda movie poster and came up with a more direct book title and cover.
“We replaced the countercultural title as the people in that realm are already with us and we decided we want to reach those chilled by the propaganda and the stigma it brought to cannabis,” Rogh told Toke of the Town.
“We want to inform the masses regarding a law that violates their due process rights on a daily basis,” Rogh told us. “The current law is absurd; no conceivable set of facts rationally related to any legitimate interest of the federal government exists in which to validate the law. Period.”
“Over the course of the next decade those who rely on fear for votes will continue to do so and violence may result as it is a consequence of their policy,” Rogh told Toke of the Town.
“On the other hand, intelligence has never been more widely available and humanity has a way of outgrowing silly, stupid laws every time such a rebirth of reason occurs,” Rogh told us.
“Good law provides stability so that we can live our lives, but such only happens if we know the law is honest,” Rogh told us. “Cannabis law is not honest. It’s lies for no good reason and people suffer and die. I know, and you know it.”

“Please, share with your friends, tell them to tune in to our story,” Rogh said. “Tell them that the foundation of our nation is the concept of due process. That our government is forbidden from arbitrary actions because liberty and freedom demand it.”
“No free man would submit to a social contract that condemns him or her to bondage,” Rogh said. “Cannabis law damns millions of innocent civilians to poverty, criminal records, and distrust. Never again!”
“We’ll deliver you the rights your forefathers fought and died for,” Rogh said. “And the rule of law will return to the land of the free.”