Happy Father-To-Be Celebrates By Smoking A Joint, In The Hospital!

“A Pennsylvania man celebrated his baby`s birth by lighting up a joint in the hospital smoking area, police said.

Uniontown police Sgt. Jonathan Grabiak told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review a nurse smelled marijuana when she took a cigarette break in Uniontown Hospital`s designated smoking area, an enclosed shed, Tuesday.


She saw two men in the shed, but she did not see either smoking marijuana.”


Nobody passes out cigars anymore to celebrate the birth of his child, this dude was merely trying to start a new tradition.

I commend Grabiak for obeying the rules of the hospital by going to the designated smoking area to enjoy his joint.

Grabiak will be a good dad who will teach his son to obey the rules, and how to properly roll a doobie.

No charges have been filed against the proud father.

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