The Crazy, Unfair Ways People Are Being Screwed by Using Legal Pot

National Cannabis Coalition / By Doug Fine Photo Credit: Shutter Stock   In September, 2011, the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms banned state law-abiding medical cannabis patients from owning firearms. A bureaucratic decider simply swiped away hundreds of thousands of Americans’ Second Amendment rights by way of an added item on a pre-sale questionnaire. Using an […]

Patient Starts 29th Year in Federal Medical Cannabis Program

by David Guard {Fort Lauderdale, FL} — Irvin Rosenfeld is one of only four medical cannabis patients in the country that receive cannabis legally from the federal government.  Irv will celebrate his 28th anniversary in this unique program on Saturday, November 20, 2010. Irv is a 57 year-old successful stockbroker from South Florida.  Irv uses medical […]

Cannabis Excellent for Deworming?

French farmer fined for giving cannabis to ducks ROCHEFORT, France — A French duck farmer has been given a one-month suspended sentence and fined 500 euros (680 dollars) after feeding cannabis to his birds, saying it was an excellent dewormer. The farmer from the village of Gripperie-Saint-Symphorien on France’s Atlantic coast admitted that he smoked […]

How Marijuana Got Mainstreamed

Even with a decent supply of high-grade pot in her walk-in freezer, Jenelise Robinson, 35, can scarcely keep up with demand. The growth of her 16-month-old Denver business, Nancy B’s Edible Medicine, has come with the explosion in the number of Colorado’s medical-marijuana dispensaries, or centers. Coloradans who are recommended by a doctor and approved […]

Reciprocity clause in new AZ law links 6 state Medical MJ programs

MADISON: Like the mythical Phoenix the state’s largest city is named for, Arizona Proposition 203 managed to rise from the proverbial ashes to stage a comeback from an apparent close loss to a narrow win by about 4,300 votes, state election officials confirmed Sunday. Arizona, with a population of about 6.6 million, is now the […]

Safer Texas Campaign Calls on Texas Politicians to Abstain from Legislating Under the Influence of Big Alcohol

DALLAS, Nov. 17, 2010 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — With Texas politicians collecting a significant percentage of their campaign contributions from the alcohol industry after the November election, the Safer Texas Campaign (a project of is renewing its call on elected representatives to stop accepting such money until Texas passes legislation allowing the regulated use and sale […]

Mind-Blowing Cheezy Hemp Nacho Sauce

Kristen Suzanne is a raw food and fitness guru who incorporates healthy ingredients into everything she makes. In today’s post, the star ingredient is hemp seeds.  Hemp is often labeled as a complete protein with all of the essential amino acids as well as essential fatty acids (ah yes, those popular Omega-3’s). In terms of […]

Arizona voters approve medical marijuana law

By Michael Martinez, CNN November 15, 2010 — Updated 2251 GMT (0651 HKT) Arizona became the 15th state, plus the District of Columbia, to pass a medical marijuana law since 1996. STORY HIGHLIGHTS Close vote takes almost two weeks to tabulate Results will become official after the state certifies vote count on November 29 Arizona […]

Happy Father-To-Be Celebrates By Smoking A Joint, In The Hospital!

“A Pennsylvania man celebrated his baby`s birth by lighting up a joint in the hospital smoking area, police said. Uniontown police Sgt. Jonathan Grabiak told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review a nurse smelled marijuana when she took a cigarette break in Uniontown Hospital`s designated smoking area, an enclosed shed, Tuesday. She saw two men in the shed, […]