Montana Medical Marijuana Rally Planned For Saturday

The march, dubbed, “Out of the Shadows, Into the Streets,” is being put together by Montanans for Responsible Legislation, Garden Mother Herbs, and Zoo Mountain Natural Care. It will start an Noon in Caras Park on Saturday with speeches by backers of legalized medical marijuana in Montana.

Supporters will then march through the city to the courthouse lawn, where they will continue the rally.
As we reported yesterday, the raids in Montana have amounted to nothing so far but a blatant example of robbery of – according to updated reports – over $4 million from bank accounts associated with the raided dispensaries.
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If you live in Montana, try to get to Missoula on Saturday and show your support for medical marijuana. And be sure to share this story with your friends so they can be alerted to the rally as well. You must show the federal government that you won’t stand for these budget-padding operations disguised as battles in The War on Drugs.