The Style Assembly Rocks Organic Chic at LA Fashion Week 2011

By Vicki Godal

A good example of a naturally organic fabric is industrial hemp. Hemp was the original eco material. Levi Strauss first used it for his denim jeans. Thomas Jefferson predicted it would be America’s most versatile crop. According to E Magazine, industrial hemp produces three times as much fabric per acre as traditional cotton, requires no pesticides and nourishes the soil it grows in. 
According to Lavuk designer Natasha Gindin, hemp is quite a nice textile. “I use hemp in many of my classic, edgy or elegant designs,” Gindin said, “Not only because it looks so luxurious but because it’s durable and has such a high quality feel to the fabric.”
Once you see the ingenuity, intelligence and style these designers put into doing their ethical lines, it becomes a simple decision to go organic. Style Assembly attendee Laura Klein, Organic Auhority website publisher put it this way. 
“The innovativeness of these designers! Using organic and hemp fabrics with natural dyes, like pomegranate, is truly unique. And all of these lines are made in the USA. That is cool,” Klein said. “When you try on one of their pieces, you can’t help but notice the attention to detail and love that’s put into these garments. I get tired of seeing expensive lines ‘made in China.’ It really makes me question the quality. These eco lines definitely made me rethink my next shopping trip.”
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