Hemp food restaurant opens on the Avenue

By Joan Rampersad

Professional and certified chef, Nneka Daniel, officially opened what she termed Trinidad’s most unique restaurant at Crowbar’s Courtyard on Ariapita Avenue in Woodbrook last Thursday.
Unique in the sense that her establishment named Nick & 2J’s offers a full THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)-free hemp menu that provides nutritional benefits with a tasty twist. Asked why hemp? She claimed, “First of all, I don’t ever think inside the box – nine years ago I started barbecue pigtail.
I have always been the type of person to go out and do something totally different. I started provision chips and now a number of people have capitalised on my ideas. So now hemp.”
She continued, “Over the years as a caterer, I have come across many persons who have had many problems, such as health and allergy problems and other issues. Hemp is a very good product in that there are actually no side effects from it.
And even though it is somewhat related to marijuana, it has nothing like that.
It is extremely high in protein, it completes many nutritional aspects and I see as a protein and healthier alternative.” Daniel added that there is so much information out there but people don’t know anything about hemp.
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