Rick Simpson – (Still) Running From The Cure

By Joe Klare

Cancer is a devastating disease that affects tens of millions of people in the United States alone. It consumes lives and destroys families. It causes many to seek alternative treatments, and to try things they may not have considered under less dire circumstances.
Many of these alternative treatment seekers have gone down a road that has led them to a man named Rick Simpson. Formerly of Nova Scotia in Canada, Rick now lives in an undisclosed location in Europe due to legal entanglements with the Canadian government.
Many of you may have heard of Rick Simpson; his documentary, Run From The Cure, has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times on the internet. Dozens attest to the healing power of the cannabis oil he taught them how to make. And untold numbers around the globe consider him a visionary and cannabis freedom fighter of the highest caliber.
The 420 Times was fortunate enough to get into contact with Mr. Simpson, and our conversation was as interesting as it was informative. He was very forthcoming, up to and including sending us the latest instructions on making hemp oil, which are printed at the end of this article.
A “late bloomer” in terms of cannabis use, Rick preferred alcohol to weed. “My parents never really said much about cannabis and since I didn’t use the substance at the time no one tried to preach to me. When I was young a great number of my friends were smoking cannabis, but me in all my wisdom stuck to alcohol as my drug of choice. From all the propaganda we had been fed by our trusted government, I thought the use of cannabis must be harmful in some way. But watching the effect it had on all my friends that were smoking it seemed to go against all I had been told. After smoking cannabis in the evening they all awoke the next morning feeling fine and unharmed, while myself after drinking awoke with a nasty hangover. When I was young I tried to smoke it with friends a couple of times, but I didn’t like its effects at the time so I stuck with booze. They say hindsight is 20/20 and I wish I had known then what I do today, for if I had I would have smoked cannabis and drank a whole lot less alcohol.”
As happens with many, Rick didn’t discover the medical benefits of cannabis until after he had been using it recreationally. “I was a late starter when it comes to the use of cannabis and I was in my mid thirties before I started to use it recreationally. Like most other people I had no idea of this plants potential as a medicine and I remained that way until about a year after I had suffered the head injury that ended my working career.”
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