Christie Seeks Big Isle Mayoral Seat

Christie as in Share Christie, the wife of Roger Christie, who is being held  in the Federal Detention Center in Honolulu on marijuana charges.
Share (maiden name St. Cyr) Christie is a defendant in the case, too, but unlike her husband she is out on bail. (Roger this week was again denied a bail request .)
Share is running on a pro-cannabispro-hemp platform. Excerpts:
• It can help to save us from spiritual and mental slavery with it’s holy smoke and vapor.
• It can help to save us from hunger and malnutrition with hempseed foods and juicing the raw leaves.
• It can help to save us from eco-extinction with organic hemp crops verses synthetics and GMO’s.
 It can help to save us from the mentality and destruction of war with the “sacrament of the peace culture.”