The Tasmanian company, Envorinex, has a military contract and wants to use locally-grown industrial hemp in plastic-form armour.


BULK EXPORT: Tasmanian company Hemp Australia Pty Ltd has exported more than 25,000kg of hemp seed that has been legally grown in the state.
THE State Government is contravening a UN Convention in its treatment of industrial hemp, it was stated under oath at a public hearing yesterday, with the findings to be reported to State Parliament.
The House of Assembly Standing Committee on Environment, Resources and Development heard the Government has appeared to blur the definitions of industrial hemp to that of the drug version.
In the committee’s first public hearing, in Hobart, it was stated in submissions that industrial hemp (Cannabis Sativa) has no drug consequences and the Government was breaching the UN Convention by applying the State Poisons Act as the controlling legislation for industrial hemp, and that it hindered the industry’s development.
The public hearing was told Article 28, Paragraph Two, of the UN Convention said: “This Convention shall not apply to the cultivation of the cannabis plant exclusively for industrial purposes, fibre and seed, or horticultural purposes.”
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