LA’s Sorry Week in Weed

In a lifeless economy, the Los Angeles City Council took the unusual step on Tuesday of voting 14-0 to immediately close down up to 762 thriving businesses within city limits.According to the LA Times: “Medical marijuana activists who had packed the council chambers jeered when the vote came down. More than a dozen Los Angeles Police Department officers were called in to quell them. Under the ban, medical patients and their caregivers will be able to grow and share the drug in small groups of three people or less But the activists say most patients don’t have the time or skills to cultivate marijuana. One dispensary owner told the council that it would cost patients a minimum of $5,000 to grow marijuana at home.” The report then notes, “In a seemingly contradictory move, the council also voted to instruct city staff to draw up an ordinance that would allow a group of about 170 dispensaries that registered with the city several years ago to remain open. Councilman Jose Huizar, who voted against that motion, said it might give the public ‘false hope’ that the ban would not be enforced. He said the ban would be enforced, especially against problem dispensaries that have drawn complaints from neighbors. ‘Relief is on its way,’ he said.”
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